Services Offered

English Connections is based entirely on volunteers, so programs/services vary each semester.  All groups are free.  We offer the following programs:

English Conversation Groups –

Practice speaking English in a safe environment, meet new friends, learn idioms and slang, and grow in your speaking confidence.  Every group is facilitated by a native English speaker.  Groups meet at various times/locations throughout each semester.

American Culture Discussion Groups –

Discuss American culture and how it compares to your home culture and the culture of others in the group.  This group will help you to adapt better to your time in the USA, as well as increase your cross-cultural understanding and skills.  Groups are led by American-born facilitators.

Activities Groups –

These groups meet occasionally and focus on fun activities that will help you improve your English and learn more about American living.  Cooking, sports games, weekend trips, etc.

Parent Groups –

If you are a parent whose spouse/partner is enrolled at NYU, then you are eligible for one of our parent groups.  Meet other NYU Moms/Parents, improve your English, and discuss parenting ideas in NYC.  Led by a local, American Mom.

Bible Discovery Groups –

Discover the Bible for yourself!  Many people assume they know what the Bible says, but have never actually read it.  Come and read it together in a discussion group.  Learn how the Bible lays the foundation for many things in American culture.  Learn about Christian faith “from the inside.”  Groups are facilitated by a native English speaker and person of the Christian faith.

You must register in order to participate in a group.  Please go to the registration link and fill out the form.  You may only register for ONE group each semester, due to our limited number of volunteers (one exception: Bible groups are always open for new members).