Services Offered

English Connections is based entirely on volunteers, so programs/services vary each semester.  All groups are free! Note: You may only register for ONE group each semester, due to our limited number of volunteers (one exception: Bible groups are always open for new members).

We offer the following programs:

English Conversation Groups —

Practice speaking English in a safe environment, meet new friends, learn idioms and slang, and grow in your speaking confidence.  Every group is facilitated by a native English speaker.  Groups meet at various times/locations throughout each semester.

Bible Discovery Groups –

Discover the Bible for yourself!  Many people assume they know what the Bible says, but have never actually read it.  Come and read it together in a discussion group.  Learn how the Bible lays the foundation for many things in American culture.  Learn about Christian faith “from the inside.”  Groups are facilitated by a native English speaker and person of the Christian faith.  Email if you are interested!